Saturday, August 8, 2015

Utah Book Month 2015: Week Two

Hello! Here we are at the onset of week two of Utah Book Month. We had a great first week, and we're so excited to turn our attention to week two. Let's get started!


Our focus this week is on our awesome Utah authors. We are very lucky to have so many great authors call Utah home. All week we'll be using Twitter, Instagram, and our individual blogs to spotlight Utah authors. Here are some ideas:
  • Spotlight a new-to-you Utah author
  • Do a roundup of some of your favorite Utah authors
  • Showcase a Utah author's complete works
  • Use "Follow Friday" (#ff) on Twitter to highlight a Utah author or two
Of course, you can take this theme and run with it in any way you can think of. For inspiration, check out our list of Utah authors (let us know if we missed someone).

If you do a post on a Utah author this week, please link to it here:


This week's mini-challenge is all about first lines of Utah books (by those great Utah authors). Head over to It's All About Books for all of the details. Participating in this mini-challenge will earn you an entry into the UBM mega-giveaway (more details on that below).


We're thrilled that so many Utah authors have agreed to participate in Twitter chats during the month. We had quite a lot of fun with Michele Paige Holmes last week, and we have FOUR chats scheduled this week:
Check out the schedule page for the full Twitter chat list!


We're moving along with our readalong (#ubmreadalong), Not in the Script, by Amy Finnegan. As a reminder, here's the schedule we're following:

  • August 1-10: Pages 1-183
  • August 11-20: Pages 185-370

On Monday (August 10) and August 20, we'll have discussion questions up here at the Utah Books blog. We're so excited to discuss this one with you.

If you haven't already, you can sign-up for the readalong using the linky below:


Continuing with tradition, we have a separate post all set up for links to your reviews of Utah books. If you read and post about a Utah book this month, make sure to head over and add your link. This also earns you an entry in the mega-giveaway!


Your participation in Utah Book Month activities and events will not only result in positive feelings but will also earn you entries into the Utah Book Month Mega-Giveaway! Here's what's in the mega-prize pack:

  • A signed copy of Jessica Day George's newest release, Silver in the Blood
  • A signed copy of Not in the Script, by Amy Finnegan
  • A copy of Ink and Ashes, by Valynne E. Maetani
  • A copy of When Women Were Birds, by Terry Tempest Williams
  • A $10 Amazon gift card 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here's to another great week!


  1. I wasn't able to add my link to my post highlighting a Utah-based author because it says there are too many characters in my link... so I'll post it here! Hope that's okay.

    Love celebrating Utah Book Month!

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