Saturday, August 31, 2013

Utah Book Month 2013 Roundup

What a lovely month it has been!  Though I'm sad to see the second annual Utah Book Month come to a close, I'm also overwhelmed by the awesome bookish community that lives here in Utah.  Thank you so much to everyone that participated.  There would be no Utah Book Month without you.

Suey and I had a blast planning this event and getting to know you all a little better.  Mark your calendars now, because we'll be back next August.  And, we'll try to post here from time to time with exciting Utah book events.  If you have a suggestion for anything Utah Books related, please drop us a line.

AND DON'T FORGET!!  The Utah Books annual social is coming next Saturday.  Check out the details here.

And now, here is a recap of Utah Book Month 2013:

Mini-Challenge: Utah Books hosts Read 5 Utah Books
Giveaway: Daniel & Brittany
Mini-Challenge: Stephanie hosts One True Pairings
Mini-Challenge & Giveaway: Jessica A. hosts Insta-UBM
Mini-Challenge: Kami hosts Character Challenge
Mini-Challenge & Giveaway: Jennifer
Mini-Challenge & Giveaway: Suey hosts First Lines Quiz
Giveaway: Jessica A. 
Giveaway: Cindy Bennett
Giveaway: Kami

Author Spotlight: Kami spotlights Ally Condie
Author Spotlight: Stephanie spotlights Elana Johnson
Author Spotlight: Heather Ostler spotlights Carol Nicholas
Author Spotlight: Jessica A. spotlights Emily Wing Smith
Author Spotlight: Suey spotlights J.R. Johansson
Author Spotlight: Cindi spotlights Heather Frost
Author Spotlight: Heather G. spotlights Rebecca Jamison
Author Spotlight: Angie spotlights Kristen Chandler
Author Spotlight: Mark Hansen spotlights Christina Dymock
Author Spotlight: Andrea spotlights Sarah Eden
Author Spotlight: T. Lynn Adams spotlights Cindy Bennett
Author Spotlight & Giveaway: Jessica A. spotlights F.W. Adams
Author Spotlight: Jessica B. spotlights J. Scott Savage
Author Spotlight: Cindy Bennett spotlights Michelle Argyle
Author Spotlight: Kathy spotlights Ken Baker
Author Spotlight: Jennifer Greyson spotlights Mark Hansen
Author Spotlight: Kelsy spotlights Natalie Whipple
Author Spotlight: Christina Dymock spotlights Heather Ostler
Author Spotlight: Daniel & Brittany spotlight Dave Wolverton
Author Spotlight: Dorine White spotlights Tyler Whitesides
Author Spotlight: Carol Nicholas spotlights Kay Lynn Mangum
Author Spotlight: Carol Nicholas spotlights Lisa Mangum

Blogger Spotlight: Jennifer spotlights Daniel & Brittany
Blogger Spotlight: Jessica B. spotlights Kathy
Blogger Spotlight: Kathy spotlights Jennifer
Blogger Spotlight: Kelsy spotlights Angie
Blogger Spotlight: Kami spotlights Stephanie
Blogger Spotlight: Stephanie spotlights Jessica A.
Blogger Spotlight: Daniel & Brittany spotlight Carol
Blogger Spotlight: Jessica A. spotlights Cindi
Blogger Spotlight: Cindi spotlights Kelsy
Blogger Spotlight: Carol Nicholas spotlights Suey
Blogger Spotlight: Angie spotlights Penelope
Blogger Spotlight: Jessica A. spotlights Jessica B.
Blogger Spotlight: Suey spotlights Kami

Special Feature: The Salt Lake Library by Angie
Guest Post at Utah Books: Mark Hansen
Special Feature: Utah Awesomeness by Kami
Guest Post at Utah Books: Christina Dymock
Guest Post at Utah Books: Carol Nicolas
Guest Post at Utah Books: Rebecca Jamison
Guest Post at Utah Books: F.W. Adams
Guest Post at Utah Books: Cindy Bennett

Please let us know if we missed a link to one of your posts.  That's it for this year!


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