Utah Book Month 2012

The first annual Utah Book Month took place in August 2012.  Here are links to all of the celebrations!

Author Interviews
8/1 – Emily of The Alcove hosts Heather Dixon’s guest post
8/1 – Kathy of Read This Instead interviews Sara Zarr
8/2 – Diana of Diana’s Amazing Book Adventures interviews Danyelle Leafty
8/4 – Diana of Diana’s Amazing Book Adventures interviews Dan Wells
8/6 – Heather of Fire and Ice interviews Kathryn Jones
8/8 – Kami of Kami’s Library Thoughts interviews Carol Lynch Williams
8/9 – Suey of It’s All About Books interviews Robison Wells
8/9 – Jenni of Jenni Elyse interviews Bree Despain
8/13 – Heather of Fire and Ice interviews Stephen Trimble
8/14 – Jenny of Alternate Readality interviews Becca Wilhite
8/14 – Emily of Emily’s Reading Room interviews Brodi Ashton
8/15 – Kathy of I Am a Reader, Not a Writer interviews Julianne Donaldson
8/16 – Shanda of LDS Women’s Book Review interviews Toni Sorenson
8/16 – Kathryn of Clean Teen Reads interviews Jessica Day George
8/18 – Krista of Cubicle Blindness hosts Danyelle Leafty’s guest post
8/19 – Danyelle of Danyelle Leafty hosts Kate Coursey’s guest post
8/20 – Heather of Fire and Ice interviews Jacqueline Osherow
8/20 – Hwa Sun of The Shangri La of Books interviews Lisa Mangum
8/20 – Jessica of Cracking the Cover interviews Shannon Hale
8/23 – Jessica of Cracking the Cover interviews Betsy Burton
8/23 – McKenna of Young at Heart interviews Hannah L. Clark
8/24 – Enna Isilee of Squeaky Books interviews Shannon Hale
8/25 – Debz of Debz Bookshelf interviews Mette Ivie Harrison
8/27 – Emily of Emily’s Reading Room interviews Jennifer Nielsen
8/28 – Angie of Angieville interviews Victoria Dahl
8/30 – Penelope of The Reading Fever interviews Courtney King Walker
8/30 – Lucy of Keeping it Real with Lucy interviews Ka Hancock
Blogger Interviews
8/1 – Krista of Cubicle Blindness interviewing Jenny
8/2 – Hwa Sun of The Shangri La of Books interviewing Jenni
8/6 – Cindi of A Utah Mom’s Life interviewing Suey
8/7 – Jessica of The Bluestocking Society interviewing Krista
8/8 – Kathy of Read This Instead interviewing Lorren
8/10 – Jessica of Books: A True Story interviewing Debz
8/13 – Jenny of Alternate Readality interviewing Shanda
8/14 – Shanda of LDS Women’s Book Review interviewing Cindi
8/15 – Kami of Kami’s Library Thoughts interviewing Kathy
8/16 – Jenni of Jenni Elyse interviewing Kami
8/17 – Taffy of Taffy’s Writings interviewing Danyelle
8/20 – Debz of Debz Bookshelf interviewing Enna
8/21 – Penelope of The Reading Fever interviewing Hwa Sun
8/22 – Suey of It’s All About Books interviewing Jennifer
8/24 – Jennifer of My Life With Books interviewing Jessica
8/26 – Lorren of The Story Girl interviewing Emily
8/29 – Emily of Emily’s Reading Room interviewing Penelope
8/29 – Suey of It’s All About Books interviewing Jessica B
8/1 – Utah Books in the Wild at The Reading Fever
8/1 – Review a Utah Book at Squeaky Books
8/3 – Utah Books Quote Quiz at It’s All About Books
8/5 – Pinteresting Utah at The Bluestocking Society
8/6 – Utah Title Puzzles at Books a True Story
8/8 – Utah Book Buffet at Diana’s Amazing Book Adventures
8/8 – I Spy the Utah Author at Debz Bookshelf
8/13 – Who’s that Sidekick? at Clean Teen Fiction
8/13 – Utah Books Elevator Pitches at Taffy’s Writings
8/15 – Utah Scavenger Hunt Part I at Jenni Elyse
8/20 – Name that Utah Book at One Librarian’s Book Reviews
8/22 – Utah Scavenger Hunt Part II at Jenni Elyse
8/22 – Utah Character Challenge at Kami’s Library Thoughts
8/23 – Story Problems at LDS Women’s Book Review
8/29 – Utah Scavenger Hunt Part III at Jenni Elyse
Utah Book Month Blog Posts
Utah Book Month PARTY!
Welcome to the official Utah Book Month Website!

Utah Book Month was the brain child of Natasha of Maw Books Blog and was run in 2012 by Emily of Emily’s Reading Room, Enna Isilee of Squeaky Books, Jessica of The Bluestocking Society, Penelope of The Reading Fever, and Suey of It’s All About Books

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