Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Guest Post from Kami's Library Thoughts: Favorite Utah Bloggers

Today we welcome Kami from Kami's Library Thoughts. She's been part of the Utah book blogger community for going on three years now. She's brought a ton of enthusiasm to our group and we are so excited that she is guest posting today. Take it away Kami!

Utah has a wonderful group of bloggers! We each come from different walks of life, and it is fun to get to know each other through the internet, and it is even more fun to see each other at author events. 

Today I'd like to highlight some of my favorite Utah blogs and bloggers! These are in no particular order.
Jenni Elyse

is one of the first bloggers I met, and she is a super fun person!
Her blog is neat and organized. It is visually awesome for those of us who are a bit OCD.
I love her little animated self!
Jenni's book reviews are honest and real. She has a way of getting her emotions and feelings in her reviews. I wish I could express myself as well as she does.
It's All About Books

Blog is a must visit for bloggers!
Suey hosts some big events like Bloggiesta and Utah Book Month!
Not only is Suey's blog all about books, it encompasses all aspects of her life. She frequently posts about her love for music, her family, and movies.
Suey does a lot for Utah bloggers, and she's been at it for a long time!
I like to call her our blogger mom.
The Bluestocking Society
Jessica is a very intelligent and informed person. She is amazing!
Jessica also helps host Utah Book Month.
Jessica has a way of describing things. Sometimes I have a hard time trying to say why something is good or bad, but Jessica is awesome at this.
Jessica's blog is super clean. It is very easy to navigate and read.
Go check out these blogs! You won't regret it!


  1. Yay! I came first! Woo hoo! ;) Just kidding. Suey and Jessica are way more awesome than I am! :D